Introducing: Robert Griffin, III

In case you missed it, or weren't sure, exactly; the Washington Redskins selected quarterback Robert Griffin III in the first round (No. 2 overall) of the 2012 NFL Draft. 

The Shanahans are eager to see their new pick do work.

Said Shanahan on the first-things-first issue, “We’ll get a chance to spend a few hours with him this weekend. He’s going to come in here, and obviously go to the stadium, and he’ll have the chance to talk with a number of people before he leaves. His family will be here as well and we’ll talk with him for a few hours over the weekend. Then he’ll come to a rookie minicamp the following week. We will get the chance to be with him for three days. And then he’ll come in on May 14, which is the first day rookies can report.”

Here's another interesting tidbit of information we noticed from coach Shanahan's press conference along the lines of what it will take for the rookie quarterback to succeed here in Washington.

“... Most rookies do not come into the league and have success unless they have a good defense and a good running game where they don’t put too much pressure on the quarterback. There is a learning curve that comes with it. Very seldom does a quarterback come in and be successful unless they have a good defense and a good running game. That’s just the nature of the business because there is a learning curve. We have made some strides over the last couple of years."

The Redskins defense ranked 13th last year in the NFL, but the coach is optimistic.

"I’m sure it’ll be a lot easier for Robert to come here this year than if he came in the last couple years, but that’s something we’ll keep working on during this offseason.”
So, what did RG3 have to say about his work ethic?
“I’m looking forward to getting right to work. I’ll savor the moment tonight, tomorrow fly to D.C. and then we’re ready to roll.”

Griffin also says he's ready to stop all the talking and is ready to walk the walk.
"I’m a person that tries to lead by example. I don’t just talk. Sometimes, I get tired of talking about things because you want to just go do it, so I’m excited to just go do it with the Redskins and just know that my dream has come true. And it’s up to me to figure out what I’m going to do after that.”

And, oh, about that singing thing.  

When Brian Orakpo, also from Texas, got drafted to the Redskins, we noticed his strong baritone-like voice.  When we asked him to sing for us, he shyed away from that request saying, "I've got a reputation to protect." 

Unlike Orakpo, Griffin has already chimed in, vocal chords ablazin', without a request - singing the Hail To The Redskins song.  At least a few parts anyway.

"Yes, I do know that", he answered when asked if he knew the song. 

While he may not know the lyrics in its entirety, but just like the Redskin's offense, he's ready to learn that, too.

"So I’ll learn the rest, and I’ll sing it for y’all soon.”

Come on.  You gotta love this guy. You just have to.

The new 'love' of the Washington Redskins will be officially introduced to the media and fans this Saturday, at 2pm during the Redskins Draft Day Party at FedEx Field.

Get tickets at  They're free! And so is the parking. (Yes, the parking is free, too).

"For the fans."

Here's how Robert Griffin, III stacks up to previous Redskin draft selections:

· Griffin III is the first rookie quarterback from Baylor to be drafted by the Redskins. The Redskins previously selected QB Adrian Burk in the 1951 NFL Draft, but Burk was eligible for selection after having played one season for the original Baltimore Colts, a team that folded following the 1950 season and had all of its players placed in the 1951 NFL Draft.

· Baylor is the now the 14th school to have at least six players selected by the Redskins in the Common Draft era (since 1967), joining Nebraska (11), Penn State (11), Colorado (9), Tennessee (9), Miami (8), Michigan (7), Notre Dame (7), San Diego State (7), Texas (7), UCLA (7), USC (7), Maryland (6) and UTEP (6).
· Griffin III is the ninth first-round pick from Baylor in the Common Draft era (excluding supplemental draft selections) and the first Baylor quarterback to be selected in the first round in the Common Draft era. Later in the round, WR Kendall Wright became the 10th first-round pick from Baylor in that time frame.
· Griffin III is the fourth Baylor player selected in the first round of the last four NFL Drafts, joining T Jason Smith (No. 2 overall, 2009), DT Phil Taylor (No. 21 overall, 2011) and OL Danny Watkins (No. 23 overall, 2011). Including Kendall Wright’s selection, the five first-rounders are the most the school has ever had in a four-year period.
· Griffin III is the first Baylor player selected by a Shanahan-coached team and the first Big 12 quarterback selected by a Shanahan-coached organization.
· Griffin III is the 24th quarterback selected by the Redskins in the Common Draft era and the first quarterback selected since the team drafted Colt Brennan (sixth round, No. 186 overall in 2008).
· Griffin III is the 17th player selected by the Redskins to have played collegiately in the Big 12 Conference.

· Griffin III is only the second Big 12 quarterback selected by the Redskins, joining Iowa State’s Sage Rosenfels (fourth round, No. 109 overall in 2001).
· Griffin III is the Redskins’ third first-round pick to have played in the Big 12 Conference, joining current Redskins Brian Orakpo (No. 13 overall in 2009) and Trent Williams (No. 4 overall in 2010).

· Griffin III (Copperas Cove H.S., Copperas Cove, Texas) is the third player drafted by the Redskins in the first round in the last four drafts to have played his high school football in Texas, joining first-rounders Orakpo (Lamar H.S., Houston) and Williams (Longview H.S., Longview, Texas).

· Griffin III is the second quarterback drafted by the Redskins in the first round to have played collegiately in the state of Texas, joining Pro Football Hall of Famer Sammy Baugh (TCU), who was drafted by the Redskins in 1937 prior to the team’s first season in Washington.
· Griffin III is the ninth quarterback selected by a Shanahan-coached team, joining David Weber (Round 11, 1988), Jeff Francis (Round 6, 1989), Jeff Lewis (Round 4, 1996), Brian Griese (Round 3, 1998), Jarious Jackson (Round 7, 2000), Matt Mauck (Round 7, 2004), Bradlee Van Pelt (Round 7, 2004) and Jay Cutler (Round 1, 2006).

· Griffin III, born in Okinawa, Japan, is the first internationally-born player selected by the Redskins in the first round since the team selected K Charlie Gogolak (Rapahidveg, Hungary) with the sixth overall pick of the 1966 NFL Draft.

· The 2012 NFL Draft marks the fifth time in the Common Draft era that quarterbacks have been selected with each of the top two picks. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are the first pair of quarterbacks selected No. 1 and No. 2 in the same year since 1999.

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