Redskin Super Bowl Trophies To Be Displayed In Richmond

As the team goes, so do the trophies.

As the Washington Redskins football team has journeyed to the Commonwealth state for Training Camp 2013, their Super Bowl trophies have traveled with them.

The Redskins unveiled their three Super Bowl trophies today at the Richmond Science Museum.

The franchise won Super Bowls XVII, XXII and XXVI. 

During remarks last week, Skins' quarterback, RGIII remarked that he would definitely "run two yards to get a touchdown" if the team were playing in the Super Bowl.   His remark came when about his development as pocket passer.

"Because if it’s the second game of the season, you know, I think I proved how tough I am and the heart that I have on the football field and my teammates know that. But if it’s the second game of the season, and it’s third-and-four and I’ve got two yards I might just run out of bounds and slide, if I have to. If it’s the Super Bowl, I’m going to get those two yards. That’s just the way you have to think, that’s the way I think now."

While the Super Bowl may be a ways off, Redskins' training camp is here and continues in Richmond  with just a few more days before Fan Appreciation Day.

Tuesday, July 30                   10 a.m. Walkthrough   3:20 p.m. Practice

Wednesday, July 31              10 a.m. Walkthrough
                                                3:20 p.m. Practice
Thursday, Aug. 1                  10 a.m. Walkthrough
                                                3:20 p.m. Practice
Friday, Aug. 2                       10 a.m. Walkthrough
                                                3:20 p.m. Practice
Saturday, Aug. 3                   Fan Appreciation Day – Noon

Question of the day: 
With III in the name of their quarterback, could the 2013-2014 Washington Redskins be Super Bowl XLVIII contenders?