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Wizards' Blatche At It Again

Here we go again.

Didn't I just post last week about how we would all be better off just keeping our hands to ourselves? This time it looks like the hands are battling foes on Twitter, rather than a foe in the flesh.

It is 'alleged' that Wizards' forward, Andray Blatche challenged someone to a fight after tonight's game:
“ok let’s do this so everyone can see wat u bout let’s meet n dc saturday after my game”;

then denied the challenge by saying someone "hacked into" his account:
"If anyone really thinks that was me responding yesterday is crazy I just heard of this this morning. i would like for everyone to use there brain for a moment im hardly on here why would i wanna be on twitter in miami i tweeted 33 things"
Looks like Blatche can't even keep his hands to himself in Cyberspace.

Whether he challenged someone to a fight, or not, the someone is expecting something from the Wizards franchise:
Will the Wizards organization send me an apology because I'm emotionally hurt after his threatening tweets... OMG *tears*
about 16 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
Can We Just... Move Forward?

Just last year Blatche was suspended, two games, for fighting with teammate JaVale McGee outside the Shadow Room (shortly before Christmas Eve, no less), so we can assume Blatche isn't afraid to back down from a challenge.

After the incident the team issued this statement: "After further investigation into an incident on Thursday night, we concluded that Andray and JaVale conducted themselves in an unprofessional manner," said Grunfeld. "As a result, both players will be suspended for tomorrow's game at San Antonio."

As you know Blatche didn't play in last night's 113-121 loss to Miami (despite Nick Young's amazing 38 points). We were told Blatche didn't play due to a hip injury.

We're hoping it's not another suspension "for conduct detrimental", as the Winless Washington Wizards need all the help they can get to turn the season around for the remaining 25 games of the season.

The team recently traded Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong to the Atlanta Hawks and in return picked up Maurice Evans, Mike Bibby and Jordan Crawford, along with a 2011 first round draft pick. (Wizards managed another 1RDP in two years straight!).

This team is still restructuring itself in hopes of building a better (and winning) franchise. The team's owner says he's "excited" about the trade and draft pick/s that will hopefully move the team forward.

Question: What can we do to help Blatche restructure?

During a Q&A last year, Blatche told us he'd "matured", and that one needed to "block out distractions".

"Myself, I didn't read the papers and watch the news or nothing like that. I wanted to stay focused when I played my game."

Looks like he forgot his own advice.

Perhaps this tweet to Blatche by the wise TINMANN66 might help: "Learn how to over come your adversities by not allowing the media, fans & haters talk you out of being the man that u are today!"

On second thought, that's not going to help his behavior, which is what is stiffling him from being a better man.

One thing's for certain: Wizard fans are divided about Blatche. Some like him, some say the team is better off without him.

One has to believe (and hope) that dude, just like that former Wiz player (operative word here: former), will take a moment to step back and check himself, before (as the saying goes) he wrecks himself, and the team he rode in on.

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