First Lady Joins Forces To Fight Childhood Obesity

You know by now that First Lady Michelle is on the band wagon to get America's youth exercising and eating right. She's created a vegetable garden, promoted a DC farmer's market, and has even hosted kids from local elementary schools on the south lawn of White House in an effort to promote exercise and healthy eating. (Remember the hula-hooping)?

Last month she took her message to the 2010 winter mayor's conference.

(Yes, she's an awesome lady).

Yesterday, the First Lady (with the help of President Obama) launched her youth fitness initiative at the White House, called Let's Move were she's encouraging youth to get involved in fitness activities.

Various organizations have like initiatives including the NFL's Play 60, DC's Recess By The River, the WNBA's National Girls and Women In Sports, to name a few. Laila Ali and Jared Fogle have also taken up the charge for Subway to help youth learn to eat better.

However, it's even more admirable when the First Lady and the President of the United States are also on board the helping-kids-fight-obesity wagon.

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Just remember, obesity doesn't just affect kids, it affects a whole lot of adults too. Obesity is a precursor for health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and a string of other cancer causing diseases.

Watching your fat and sugar intake can combat a lot of the above illnesses. But above all, let's move!