Vernon Davis mentors, gives back to Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington

Vernon Davis, Redskins Pro-Bowl tight end, loves the kids.

He recently spoke to members of The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington during a special mentoring and meet-and-great event, in partnership with Mezlan's Men's Shoes, at the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. Davis gave advice to teen boys on education, being successful and giving back to the community.

Davis poses with youth from the B&GCGW during a mentoring event. Photo credit/M. Bruins.

"As a mentor, I want to see you all be successful, and I want to see you grow. I want to show you everything that I've learned through my experiences. I am still doing that right now. I put myself in front of guys that are older than me because I know I can learn a lot from them."

During the partnership, which continues through August 6, 2017, Mezlan will donate 20% of online and in-store proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington when customers use promo code: VD85.

"We need to give of ourselves to help develop the talents of our youth.  So let's participate together to mentor, teach, & celebrate their achievements - alongside them. Kids need to feel free to dream, as I once did.  And they need to know that if they can dream it they can become it", said Mezlan president Antonio Sanchez.

Redskins tight end Vernon Davis shows off Redskins' items to youth during a Menzlan Men's Shoes
meet-and-greet event. Photo credit/M. Bruins.

"I knew I was going to be successful one day", said Davis. "You have to stay positive and optimistic. Always think you can be successful and stay on right track."

Davis admonished the youth to get good grades in school and to have a Plan B.

"I played football and basketball growing up, but I think the most important thing for me was making sure I got good grades, because football and basketball is never guaranteed. You have to have something else and I'm sure that's important to you guys, too. 

If our readers are interested in giving back to the community to help our area youth, here is a great opportunity to do so, and step out in a good looking pair of shoes as well.