Floyd Mayweather Wants To 'Deliver The American Dream... Everywhere'

Floyd Mayweather is teaming up with Moblze Foundation (pronounced MOBILIZE) to deliver the American dream to everyone, city-by-city. 

The foundation wrote in a press release, "The U.S. government has spent trillions of taxpayer dollars in the war on poverty and yet much of the urban core is still struggling. The Moblze Foundation will build Urban Empowerment Centers in inner city neighborhoods styled after Silicon Valley corporate headquarters. The centers will focus on training the next generation of entrepreneurs and high-skilled workers."

The foundation hopes to 'moblize' in areas of education, public safety, health, economic empowerment and community development, which they are calling the five pillars to a health community.

Go to www.moblzefoundation.org for info and details on this cause worthy initiative.