Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors Honored At The White House

The reigning 2015 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors were honored by President Obama in the East Room of the White House Thursday.

President Obama made light of Steph Curry's celebratory dance in Wednesday night's win over the Washington Wizards that saw Curry draining 51 points, 11 of those from three-pointers during the 134-121 win.  Wizards' point guard John Wall (Eastern Conference All-Star) scored almost as many with 41 points on the evening.

"For those of you who watched the game against the Wizards last night he was, to use slang, he was clowning. He was jumping up and down", the president said as he imitated Curry's up-and-down hop.

The Warriors brought home the championship, 40 years in the making, after defeating LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6, 105-97.

The Warriors were also honored by the president for their work in the community. The team supports the city’s Oakland Promise to help more kids attend and graduate college. The team has also taken a stand against gun violence and have worked with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative.

Said the president, while lauding the work of the team, "They’ve dressed up as Santa to deliver Christmas presents to those in need.  And the first time I met Steph was because he had partnered with the U.N. Foundation to donate three anti-malarial mosquito nets for every three-pointer he makes.  So last night, that’s 33 nets.  So keep shooting, Steph.  Not that he needs any encouragement, obviously."

President Obama took at least one Warrior player off to the side.  The San Francisco Gate reports that forward Draymond Green (known for foul trouble) was given some presidential advice, suggesting he "watch his mouth" during basketball games.

The team swapped gifts with the president. The president gave the team an autographed NBA ball and the Warriors gave the president a #44 jersey.  The president also received an offer to "lead Dub Nation" after his reign as Commander-in-Chief ends.

"I'm ready to go", said the president.

Curry traveled to D.C. without his daughter, Riley, whom the president admitted was disappointed that she hadn't made the trip with her day.

"I was hoping that Riley Curry would be here today to share the podium with me, but I guess I'm going to have to get media training some other day", the president said. 

The team took questions from the media after the East Room ceremony, with Curry (a Carolina native) being asked who he would choose in SB50 on Sunday.

"I'm going with the Panthers", Curry said. "I'm excited to watch them play, and hope they get it done.

Golden State Warriors take questions from the media in the stakeout area of the White House. Photos CD Brown.
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