Jay Gruden has A LOT to say about Russell Wilson

As the Redskins prepare to face the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks in prime time on Monday Night Football at FedEx Field, head coach Jay Gruden was asked about Seattle's famous quarterback, Russell Wilson, and Gruden, known for responding to most questions asked by the media, wasn't shy about giving an answer, or two (or three). From game management to scoring Gruden reognizes the threat this team is for his own Redskins team.

Russell Wilson the TPQB?

Wilson can do a lot of things on the football field, but is he really the quintessential, total package QB?

Gruden explains.

“Just because he manages the game doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the talent to do whatever – he could throw the ball deep. He can hurt you in a lot of ways. If they need to score 35 or 40, then he can open it up and they can throw it 50 times. He just hasn’t had to do that because their defense has played so well. When I say ‘great game manager,’ it means I think he’s not turning the ball over and he’s making great decisions. If it’s time to punt, it’s time to punt. He’ll let his defense get the ball back for him. He does a great job in that regard. If they ever get in a situation where they’re down, he has the ability to throw the ball in bunches and do a good job. So I think as a total package quarterback, his numbers may not speak for it, but I think his production does.

The Seahawks are 2-1 in the NFC Western division. They have one loss. Will the Redskins be the team to hand them their second this season?

"When it’s all said and done", said Gruden, "it’s about production in this league with wins and losses, not so much about stats."

With that being said, the Redskins have produced just one win in four games since defeating the Jacksonville Jacquars in Week 2, so proper preparation will be key against Seattle, and Wilson.

Explains Gruden, "You know, preparing for him, there’s a lot of pass concepts that they have. They have a great running game, obviously, so you’re preparing for him like you prepare for any other quarterback in the NFL, but you have to also add in the fact that he’s unbelievable as far as getting out of the pocket, avoiding the rush and buying time. He’s like Houdini back there avoiding the rushes and the sacks and keeping plays alive. So that’s the biggest concern is trying to keep him in the pocket as opposed to letting him get out and make big plays with his legs."

And what of his own quarteback , Kirk Cousins, who became the starter after RGIII injured his ankle, leaving him rehabbing and watching from the sidelines the past few weeks?

Cousins was thought to be "the guy" after throwing for four touchdowns against Jacksonville, but he cast doubt among fans and critics when he threw just as many interceptions (seemingly back-to-back) in a dismal display last week in a 41-14 loss to the New York Giants.

Gruden calls Cousins, like Griffin and Wilson, a "good quarterback", saying their futures look bright in the NFL, but come Monday night, they"ll be focused on "running the ball."


Redskins lose to Seattle Seahawks 17-21.