Could life get any better for UConn sports?

The University of Connecticut men's and women's basketball programs read like the champions they are. Nine-time national winners for the lady Huskies, and five-time national winners for the men.

Today, the two teams were honored at the White House for their accomplishments.

While the lady Huskies were in the president's bracket to win, he admits he did not pick the guys.

"Nobody did, unless you went to UConn", said President Obama jokingly.  (I'd have to disagree with that sentiment).


The White House visit was doubly special for former Uconn star turned Washington Mystic, Stephanie Dolson, as it was her team's second visit in a row.

Dolson lost her step as the Commander-in-Chief made his way toward her. Of course she laughed it off, and she wasn't hurt (just her feelings, maybe. It was live TV after all), so it was all good.

That's what happens when you challenge the Commander-in-chief to a dance contest.