University of Connecticut Wins Title: Most Outstanding Player Says He's "Starving"

The No. 7 ranked Connecticut Huskies win the NCAA Championship, their fourth in 15 years.

The "hungry" Huskies defeated the No. 8 ranked Kentucky Wildcats 60-54 in an exciting match up that saw star player Shabazz Napier scoring 22 points to lead the team to victory.

University of Connecticut fights to the end to win NCAA Championship over Kentucky 60-54.
 The NCAA win comes just one year after the team was banned for "academic reasons" in 2013.

In his revengeful-like, post-game, remarks Napier, the NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player, told the throngs of spectators at the Arlington, Texas arena that had everyone from former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to the Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo in attendance, "Honestly, I want to get everybody's attention right quick," Napier said. "You're looking at the hungry Huskies. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when you ban us."

Just as telling in Napier's statement is the use of the word "hungry".   Napier was heard in an interview last week saying "some nights I go to bed starving."

"I know we got a scholarship, but that doesn't pay for everything", Napier said.

His remarks comes at a time when more and more student-athletes believe they should be paid student-athletes, considering the large sums of money universities make off student-athletes: tickets, sales of jersey and athletic apparel, and broadcast rights, to name a few.

The topic of paying college athletes has been a subject of debate for many years, and was most noted in a documentary featuring the 1990's University of Michigan's Fab 5 basketball players Juwan Howard, Chris WebberJalen Rose, Billy King and Ray Jackson.

Jalen Rose explains this point, again, vividly in The Problem With College Athletes.  (View at 2:48 mark).

Viewer comments on YouTube show most people aren't buying Napier's position and suggest that a school like UConn wouldn't have its students going around campus starving.

Here are a couple of  viewer comments below. (Some people just don't understand).

UConn's undefeated lady Huskies take on Notre Dame tomorrow night in the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship.

March Madness has been good for Connecticut athletics.

As expected, the Lady Huskies went on to win the 2014 NCAA Championship, defeating undefeated (and rival) Notre Dame, 79-58.  The win makes back-to-back national titles, and their ninth national title.

The team's Stephanie Dolson had a message for President Obama.   "We're baack!"  

The president called the team to congratulate them.  A visit to the White House is expected later this season. 

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