De LaHoya Rehab? Who Knew?

How can you go MIA right before the Super Bowl of summer boxing events?

Fans want to know why fight promoter Oscar De LaHoya, who has reportedly joined the ranks of Lamar Odom, checked himself into a drug rehab facility just days before the September 14th fight with his fighter Canelo Alvarez and defender, Floyd Mayweather.

Oscar De La Hoya sits between Floyd Mayweather and his fighter Canelo Alverez.  Photo/CD Brown.

According to reports, LaHoya has voluntarily checked himself into an unnamed treatment facility to deal with issues related to drugs and alcohol, which he called, "my disease".

Seemingly, Oscar decided to stand up the bride before she even gets to the alter. 

During a press conference earlier this week Da LaHoya described the September 14th fight as "exciting" and "record breaking".

"Yes, we're getting very close, our nerves are getting a bit rattled and we feel "THE ONE" is going to break all records.  All of the indications that we are receiving are showing us that "THE ONE" will be the one.  We have a great card from top to bottom.  It's going to be very exciting all week", said the millionaire boxing promoter.  

Fans have had their eyes on Mayweather and Canelo for months but who knew that Oscar would be 'the one' bringing all the 'excitement'.

The event, scheduled to take place at the MGM Grand, has been sold out for weeks, but boxing fans can watch on ShowTime Sports via (Pay-Per-View, of course).