The Wonderment of It (W)All: Wizards Give $80M Contract To Star Player

The Washington Wizards have extended the contract of 2010 first-round NBA draft pick, John Wall to the tune of $80M, over 5 years ( You do the math: 80m divided by 5m = 16 million/year).

The owner says the deal is well worth it as they dub Wall their number one guy.

Wizards' John Wall popping collars, bottles and a whole lot of kiz-ash after new $80M contract extension.
 (Note to JW: If you'd like to donate a few of that to the up keep of our work, we're fine with that. Just so you know).

Said the team's owner, Ted Leonsis about Wall, "He is the cornerstone of our team", "And we have clearly expressed our desire to build around him."

Fans will look for the Wizards to up their game (and wins) this season.   The team won just shy of 30 games last year, with Wall returning to the team's roster late in the second half of the season.

Still, Wall is optimistic about what he can bring to the table this year, saying "I will do everything I can to get this team back where it belongs."

Wall's very appreciative tweet to the Wizards franchise.

Where that is begs a lot of questions: Will the team win more than half of their scheduled games this season?  Will they be division winners?  Play off contenders?  Getting past more than the first game of the playoffs?  The first round of the playoffs?  NBA Champions, perhaps?

Just where do the Wizards belong?

And can Wall take them there?