****UPDATE**** RG3 Wedding Gifts 'Still' AThorn In Side of Some

As we mentioned in an earlier post, some have an issue with RG3 receiving wedding gifts from Washington Redskin fans.

The 'event' has caused at least one group to protest at yesterday's Memorial Day parade where RG3 and his parents, U.S. military veterans, served as Grand Marshalls.

RG3, and parents, serve as DC Memorial Day parade Grand Marshalls.

Representatives of the Pray at the Pump Movement (PAMP) mocked RG-3 during the parade procession because the group says they want RG3 to give the wedding gifts he has received to the jobless or those suffering from the government's sequestration. 

The group's founder, Rocky Twyman, and friends held signs that read 'RG-3 Have a Heart-Donate Wedding Gifts to Jobless Fans Now'. 

The group says RG3 should follow the example of Kevin Durant and Give Back to the Loyal Redskins Fans Who Need Help to Survive."  (Durant recently donated $1M to Oklahoma's tornado victims).

An online petition has been started to alert RG3 to the concern of the fans. 

Rocky Twyman wants RG3, and other professional athletes, to use their fame and wealth to help the poor.
Says Twyman, "We want all professional athletes to take note of our concerns.  These athletes receive so much from the community and give so little back.  They waste their fan-based wealth on costly tattoes, luxury cars, diamond earrings, etc."

Twyman is also calling for President Obama, a sports fan, to have a White House conference with athletes to impress upon them the importance of giving back to the community during these difficult times. 

"Their wealth can help create jobs", added Twyman.  "The group is calling on RG3 to prove his Christianity and help the loyal jobless fans who supported him through buying his jerseys and other items when they had jobs. It is our prayer that he RG3, who is beloved by many in Washington, will have a change of heart in the future and be more sensitive to the struggling fans who made him rich." 

The group has started an online petition asking the famed Washington Redskin QB to return his wedding gifts and donate to victims of the recent Oklahoma tornado tragedy.

The Pray At The Pump Movement (PAPM) is a local Christian group who frequently voices their concerns via protest movements across the metro region.  The group started their protests to voice their concerns over rising gas prices.  They have also protested actions of the White House, and question the wealth and fame of US pop stars and their affects on American pop culture.


We want to hear from YOU.  Are America's professional athletes doing more to help the poor and less fortunate?  Should RG3 return his wedding gifts to fans? 

Post your comment below.

RG3's wedding gifts will fit nicely inside his recently purchased 2010 home.
Photos of RG3's new $2.1M Leesburg, VA home.  New car?