RG3: Are You A Real 'Brother'?

Another stereotypical rant about another successful Black guy who - quote, unquote - doesn't fit the typical mold of what a Black guy should fit.  Whatever that is. 

Hey, RG3 - you dating a white girl; you dressing like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Belair; you acting like Tiger Woods (dating a white girl) and saying your skin color should matter.  Are you Black enough?

Inquiring minds want to know.  Most notably, of late, is ESPN's Rob Parker, who questioned your 'downness' .

Said Parker, "He's dating a white girl, he's Republican; he's a brother, but he's a cornball brother."

Parker is entitled to his opinion and to ask questions, even  not so popular ones (after all his colleague Skip Bayless does it all the time).  Censoring him is not the answer, and  some say he does have a point.

But, if Parker's logic is indicative of a person not being Black enough, then are Black guys who date outside their race (there are thousands who do) also "cornball" or not "Black enough"?

No nationally debate has surfaced over that.

Griffin wears braids.   Does that make him Black enough?

President Obama and Robert Griffin, III.  Both have been the subject of whether they are 'Black enough'.
Parker's comments left an indelible mark on the ongoing discussion and subject of culture and race in America leaving some to respond in this fashion.

"I am reasonably worldly and have heard a lot of insults (not all of them directed at me, smarty) but “cornball brother” took me to a different place", writes sports blogger and self confessed media consultant Larry Weisman, former Washington Redskin media contributer.

"At times our mouths get a step ahead of our true thoughts and that leads to a sort of verbal pass interference and a big penalty."

Even former Washington DC radio and TV personality Donnie Simpson weighed in on the subject.

"It's pretty amazing to watch such ignorance drip from the lips of someone on TV like that. I've always felt that the racism we suffer from within is far greater than the racism we suffer from outside."

He further stated, "I also want to say this. I don't care who you marry or vote for. Judging you is beyond my pay scale. I just want you to be happy and Play Ball".

Simpson also commented on CNN reporter Soledad O'Brian's feature "Who decides who is black in America?"

Said Simpson, "Now we know. It's Rob Parker, AKA, The Black Decider."

Even before the now suspended Rob Parker decided, there was this.

We're not going to spend any more time on this  - only to concur with what this forward think person tweeted on Twitter...

Ho. Ho. Ho!