Update on Post 'Emmanuel Steward: Alive and Recovering Just Fine'


The latest reports on the status of reknown boxing analyst and trainer now confirm that, in fact, Mr. Emmanuel Steward has died.

His sister, Diane Steward-Jones, who earlier in the day told a local newspaper that Steward was recovering fine, confirmed the death on Thursday.

"He has passed -- he has gone home. He was in no pain, and we sang to him, as did the doctors present. He had loved ones around him."

Unconfirmed reports also showed that Steward died from a bout with diverticulitis.   Friends had suspected Steward, 68, had colon cancer.

The boxing world was dealt a powerful blow with the news.

Oscar De La Hoya, who trained under Seward in 1997, lamented his remarks on the boxing icon, calling him "important part of our boxing community".

Female boxing promoter Jackie Kallen said in an interview: "I will never get over losing Emanuel Steward," said Kallen, the inspiration for the 2004 movie "Against the Ropes," starring Meg Ryan. "I can't tell you how much he meant to a young Jewish girl like me trying to establish myself in the boxing game. I'd be nothing in my life and in the world of boxing without Emanuel. My heart is broken."

Friend and former protege, Tommy Hearns, said Steward was like a father to him. "The man literally changed my life", said Hearns. "I loved him and respected him so much."

As did we all.

Earlier Report

Mixed reports that famed HBO boxing analyst and trainer to many famed boxers, Emmaunel Steward, has passed is frightening.

The charming, tuxedo wearing, friendly commentator gave play-by-play analysis of some of the biggest boxing matches of our time.

He also was trainer to the best boxers in the game: Evander Holyfield, Oscar De La Hoya, Lennox Lewis, and Julio Cesar Chavez.

And he is still alive.

A statement by his trainee,Vladimir Klitchsko (one-half the famous Klitchsko Brothers), just last week summed up his endearing reverence to Steward, his lead coach, after learning of Steward's stomach illness earlier this month.
The family, friends and fans around the world all wish Emanuel Steward a fast recovery and I'm sure he'll be back in the ring as a coach and as an analyst on the HBO boxing broadcast that he enjoys so much!

In the end, I have a short message to the "friendly people" I mentioned above.....

Back off and show some respect! Stop trying to bury the man alive! Emanuel Steward is still my coach and my friend and that will NEVER change!

I'm looking forward seeing you all in the ring on November 10th!"
An article printed today seconds that, reporting that Steward is recoving just fine.

"Legendary boxing trainer Emanuel Steward remains in the care of doctors and is still alive, despite numerous reports of his passing.

I have been in contact with his sister, Diane Steward-Jones, who issued the following statement via text to me at 11:25am Thursday morning:  "You can tell folks that he is alive and being treated by some of the best experts in the world. The Steward family is dismayed and greatly disheartened and disappointed that during this personally challenging time, people would callously and thoughtlessly run wild with untrue statements in order to garner their '15 minutes of fame."
So there you  have it!