2012 US Olympics Boasts Local Athletes

The 2012 London Olympics, just one week away, finds several area athletes in full participation.

Take a look at this list, compiled from a local paper, which mentions some very special Olympic athletes, from our area.  The athletes will participate in events that range from fencing to basketball hockey, track and soccer.

1) Giuseppe Lanzone
Sex: Male
Event/position/class: Eight
Age: 29
From: Annandale
See: Annandale's Guiseppe Lanzone Selected for U.S. Olympic Team

2)Kate Ziegler
Sex: Female
Event/position/class: 800m free
Age: 24
From: Great Falls
See: Great Falls' Ziegler Makes Olympic Team

3)Terrence Jennings Sex: Male
Event/position/class: 68kg
Age: 25
From: Alexandria
See: T.C. William Grad Heads to the Olympics

4)Claire Laubach
Sex: Female
Competing in field hockey
Event/position/class: Defense
Age: 28 (she'll turn 29 on July 29)
From: Bristow

5)Matt McLean
Sex: Male
Competing in Swimming
Event/position/class: 800m free relay
Age: 24
From: Sterling

The following Olympic hopefuls are also from Virginia:
  • T'erea Brown, Hampton, 400m hurdles
  • Francena McCorory, Hampton, 400m
  • William Coleman, Hampton, equestrian eventing
  • Gabrielle Douglas, Virginia Beach, gymnastics
  • LaShawn Merritt, Portsmouth, 400 m
  • Caroline Nichols, Virginia Beach, field hockey
  • Reid Priddy, Richmond, volleyball
  • Shannon Taylor, Midlothian, field hockey
  • Kellie Wells, Richmond, 100m hurdles