Senate Majority Leader on Bradley v Pacquiao

"The person who's handled this better than anybody else, is Pacquiao", said Democratic majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) when speaking to reporters yesterday about the outcome of the Timothy Bradley, Manny Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas.

To many, Pacquiao was thought to have been the better fighter, but when the judges made a unanimous split decision, awarding the fight to Bradley, many were left scratching their heads.  Even Senate majority leader Harry Reid.

"This fight involved hundreds of millions of dollars" said Reid who shared that he has a friend who judged last Saturday night's fight.

"As I said I am confident there was nothing under ward. I think people just make bad decisions in a lot of things they do, including judging fights.  And there wouldn't be anything wrong with taking a look at this."

No word on whether Reid's friend was the judge who did so in 'error'.

The speaker said he had been trying for years to get a national bill passed to oversee boxing.

"Maybe this [the Pacquiao v Bradley fight] will be the impetus to getting it done."

If you missed the pay per view (PPV) fight last weekend, HBO will air it this Saturday night.