Olympics 2012: Fencing

Robert Griffin, III may not be going to the 2012, per his coach, Mike Shanahan, but Daryl Homer, ranked #1 in fencing in the US and #12 in the world, is going for the Olympic Gold as the youngest member of the 2012 USA Olympic Men’s Sabre Team!

Homer is a senior at St. John's University in Jamaica, New York.

His profile page indicates that Homer read about fencing in a dictionary when he was 5-years-old and says he begged his mother to let him take up the sport. Homer's mother, Juliette Smith, looked up fencing clubs in the phone book and found the New York Fencer's Club. The family showed up to practice on a Saturday, met six-time Olympian Peter Westbrook -- founder of the Peter Westbrook Foundation.
Good luck to this shy, but extremely talented young man.
Also headed to the 2012 Olymics, Track and Field star David Oliver whom we profiled in 2008.