"I Knew This Wasn't Going To Be An Easy Fight'

Little Floyd Mayweather, in perhaps his best fight performance in a long while, showed his PPV fans what a 12 round boxing match is 'supposed' to look like; along with some help from his Puerto Rican rival Miquel Cotto, in a live match in Las Vegas last night that saw the undefeated champion, retaining his undefeated status via unanimous decision.

Floyd 'Money' Mayweather remains undefeated after defeated Miguel Cotto.
While fans saw Mayweather clearing dominating from the onset of the fight, Cotto showed he was a force to be reckoned with.

With what looked like red colored welts all along the top half of his head from damage like punches from Mayweather, Miguel Cotto showed strength, endurance, and intestinal fortitude that even Mayweather gave praise to.
"You're a hell of a champion," Mayweather told Cotto after the fight. "You're the toughest guy I ever fought."
Yeah, we noticed that too.
While Mayweather seemed to ward of punches from Cotto, Cotto was able to get solid punches to Mayweather's head and face, giving the brazen boxer a bloody nose.  Mayweather shook off the damage (literally) as though to say he was not phased by it but did admit Cotto was a tough competitor.

Mayweather with a shot to the body of Cotto.
"He's a tough competitor," Mayweather said. "He came to fight, he didn't just come to survive. I dug down and fought him back."

One instance saw Mayweather seemingly being pushed out of the ring.  Afterwards, an apologetic gesture from Cotto signaled a restart of a fair fight.

In the end the judges scored for Mayweather judges scored the fight 117-111.  The third judging scoring 118-110, Mayweather.
The judges said I lost the fight, I can't do anything else," Cotto said. "I'm happy with my fight and performance and so is my family. I can't ask for anything else."

Miguel Cotto lands punch to Mayweather's nose.
Indeed Cotto would have loved to have defeated the undefeated Mayweather, (sentiments shared by the Latino population at the local 'wing factory' where we watched the bout. The place was rockin'! on the inside, and folks populated along the sidewalk to watch from the outside of the standing room only venue), but to say he stood, and fought, toe-to-toe with arguably the best fighter in his weight class,  is saying a lot.

The up and coming Cotto took home $6 million.

The purse for the fight guaranteed Money Mayweather (now 43-0) a cool $32 million, of which he'll have to sit on until he finishes his 90-day sentence in a Vegas jail cell (June, 1) for domestic abuse charges against the mother of his children.

After that, he can begin to re-lavish his new love, Miss Jackson (who trended well on Twitter last evening), with even more items of the platinum and diamond variety.

Congratulations, Mr. 'Money' Mayweather.


Sidebar.  Note to Floyd:  We'd love it if you stood fast in your affirmation where you proclaim that you'd like to "help as many people" as you can.   Feel free to contact us.  We know a few families that are in serious need.