Caps Go Back To Boston! Game 7 Decides It All!

After defeating the Bruins in Game 5 on Friday 4-3, in Boston, the Washington Capitals suffered a dissapointing lost, in Game 6, to the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins, in over time, on Sunday at Verizon Center.

In the 3-4 defeat the Caps go back to Boston for the 7th, and final game, between the two powerhouse teams in what is now tied, 3-3, series.

Mike Vogel, senior writer for, sums up the loss this way:

The defending Stanley Cup champion Bruins pounced on a Nicklas Backstrom giveaway at the Washington line and two quick passes by David Krejci and Milan Lucic spring Seguin in all alone on Caps goalie Braden Holtby.

Seguin did the rest, outwaiting Holtby until the goalie committed and then patiently depositing the puck into the yawning cage. (Is that not clever metaphorism, or what)? 

Side note:  (Mike didn't ask that. We did).

Go Caps! 

Side note:  (Mike didn't write that. We did).