Pool Report: 2011 Army-Navy Game

'It's a Great Atmosphere Here'

Here's a very descriptive take on the sites and sounds at today's Army-Navy game at FedEx Field from White House pool reporter, Anna Fields, US Political Correspondent for the Financial Times.

President Obama facilitating the traditional coin toss.

Anna writes:

An amazing atmosphere here on the field. The Army mule mascot is having his photo taken with fans the stadium is full of Navy and Army personnel in uniform, a Navy choir just sang the national anthem, to huge cheers and canon fire.

President Obama, looking very presidential, walks the field at the 2011 Army-Navy football game.

The president then came out onto the field and shook hands while Thunderstruck by AC/DC blared. We could also see VP Biden, defence secretary Leon Panetta, chairman of the joint chiefs Martin Dempsey, among others. Potus an co came out into the middle of the field with two burly looking guys with black face paint on (here your pooler would like to apologise in advance for her lack of football knowledge). Army won the coin toss. I couldn't see it, just here the reaction on the Army side.

It's a great atmosphere here. We just had four F-18s fly over in formation, followed by four Apaches. Now holding between Army players on exercycles and cheerleaders with white bows in their hair and gold and black pom-poms while the president (POTUS) does a live interview with CBS.



Navy wins over Army 27-21! Their tenth straight victory.

About the game.
The Army-Navy Game, presented by USAA, is a prominent rivalry in college football each year. This year’s game is being held, for the first time in the game’s 112-year history, in the DC area.

Did you get your cupcake?
As part of their ongoing support of the military, the sisters of Georgetown Cupcake and DC Cupcakes will be selling limited edition Army and Navy cupcakes during the week leading up to game day.