The 2011 Sports Year That Was

As 2012 approaches and 2011 comes to an end, we can sum up the 2010-2011 Washington DC sports season in a nut shell.

Fans were left dissatisfied. Players, time and again, used the over used adjective 'frustrated' to describe their feelings about why their team was in yet another precarious losing position.

No one had the right answer on how to win games (otherwise we'd be winning, right?) or why DC sports teams (professional or otherwise) consistently struggle to bring fans a winning season.

2011 saw DC sports teams with more losses than wins (save for the DC Divas, and the Washington Kastles)which is not a good note, for the year, on which to end.

WTOP radio gives its own summation of the year that was in Washington sports. A play on words, if you will, as to why hopeful fans watched their favorite teams keep coming up short.

Take a listen below.