Speaking of Basketball

The NBA Saves Christmas, amid some "give and take" from both sides.

NBA fans can can finally exhale.

After a virtual standoff, lockout, no show of the NBA season, the NBA powers that be have reached what they are calling a "tentative" deal that will allow the season to begin on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to NBA fans everywhere.

NBA 'finally on' TV. Logo mod by DC UrbanSports.

"We've reached a tentative understanding that is subject to a variety of approvals", said NBA commissioner David Stern on Saturday. "We're optimistic that will all come to pass and that the NBA season will begin on December 25, Christmas Day, tripleheader." (Full announcement here).

The match ups will (tentatively) consist of the Boston Celtics vs the New York Knicks, the Miami Heat vs Mavs, and the Chicago Bulls vs the LA Lakers.

"We really can't tell you much because we haven't as of yet had a chance to speak with the plaintiffs in the case", said Billy Hunter, NBA Executive Director. "I think I owe it first to them to discuss with them a tentative settlement that's been reached before we disclose to the press and the public."

NBA Christmas schedule,
although the NBA website schedule shows December 16 as the official start of the season.

No word yet (at time article was published) on the social networking site of one Mr. Ted Leonsis, owner of the Wizards, about the start of the NBA (he's busy with Caps stuff, perhaps and the holiday), but suffice it say a lot of Twitter folks have expressed their sentiments.

Here's one we thought was interesting:

Thanks to David Stern for giving me my annual reason to ignore my family on Christmas Day.

Here's another:
The NBA is back to play the remaining 75% of the season. Which is perfect for LeBron bc he only plays 3 quarters anyway.

and finally...

The NBA Lockout is over!! Yes! Lawd Is Good! Yesterday was Black Friday! now we have Black Basketball!!! Gotta Love it!!

Okay, maybe just one more:

Hey players who bailed out and signed deals in China with no #NBA out-clauses: HAVE FUN WITH THAT!


In other basketball news, closer to home, President Obama and First Lady Michelle will travel to Towson State today as Michelle's brother, Craig (see our '08 interview), who is coach of Oregon State will take on Towson later this afternoon in college basketball action.

When asked about the latest NBA news, the president gave two thumbs up and said, “Good deal.’’


Oregon State won over Towson, 66-46.

A White House pool report indicated that actor Bill Murray was in the audience.

Ah, basketball.

Watch NBA season announcement here.

President Obama to Host first ever Obama Classic with NBA players, December 12.

Even though the White House is mum on the venue, we still think it will be held at the Verizon Center. Where else?

Plus this guy already said President Obama has a standing invitation.

Plus, it will bring cameras to the Verizon Center, which will definitely be missing in the regular season since the Wizards won't get much air time this year.