Respect the Man. Floyd Mayweather.

It's well deserved.

Floyd Mayweather remarks on the his win over Victor Ortiz last weekend in Las Vegas.

Mayweather, in a post fight interview, explains the Larry Merchant 'incident', calling for the firing of the veteran boxing 'commentator', and on how the odds always seem to be against him, despite his perfectly undefeated, 42-0, record.

"If I fight a guy ten years younger than me, he doesn't have enough experience", claims Mayweather. "If I fight someone my age, he's too old. If I fight a guy going up in weight class, he's too small. I'm always in a no-win situation."

Mayweather was in a winning situation last weekend, knocking out Victor Ortiz in the 4th round.

On whether he sucker bunched Ortiz when he wasn't looking, Mayweather shares a boxer's golden rule, "... always protect yourself."

Mayweather posted the following on his FaceBook page: 'Tonight is for my fans, the Money Team, the RockLive fam & all the troops watching worldwide. Thank you and God bless.'

If you missed the pay-per-view event last Saturday night, it airs on HBO this Saturday night at 9 pm. Or you can watch the meat and potatoes of it all, below.

That's all she wrote.

Referee Joe Cortez responds. Watch here.