KEEN Greater DC -- New Video Profiles Free Program for Children with Disabilities

KEEN Greater DC (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) is launching a new three-minute video to educate the public about its free sports and recreation programs for children, teens and young adults with significant physical and developmental disabilities. .

Produced by Discovery Communications, the “Unexpected Superheroes” video features interviews with athletes, volunteers, parents, and Olympic gold medal gymnast and Honorary KEEN Greater DC Board Member Dominique Dawes. “With me having a younger brother with special needs...that’s why I’m so passionate about the work that KEEN’s doing,” says Dawes in the video. “It hits home with me.”

The video illustrates how KEEN Greater DC programs pair kids with disabilities one on one with trained volunteer coaches for individualized activities geared toward each child’s interests and abilities. Parents describe how KEEN’s programs fill a void for their children, who often are excluded from other recreational activities due to the nature and severity of their disabilities.

“Unexpected Superheroes” will be featured at KEEN Greater DC’s annual fundraising dinner and auction, KEENFest, on Oct. 15. KEEN Greater DC is committed to providing its programs free of charge. While the programs are run almost entirely run by volunteers, KEENFest raises funds to pay for equipment, site rentals and associated expenses.

KEEN Greater DC began with a handful of children in a single program in 1992, and has grown to provide 22 programs with 40 sessions per month, including a variety of activities for hundreds of kids, teens and young adults with significant disabilities. At locations in Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, KEEN Greater DC offers sports, fitness, swimming, bowling, golf and music.