Air National Guard Hydroplanes - World’s Fastest Racing Boats – To Be Showcased at National Harbor Friday, Sept. 23

Exhibition Serves as Preview of President’s Cup Set to Return in 2012

Air National Guard Hydroplanes, the world’s fastest racing boats capable of reaching speeds of 200mph, will return to the National Capital region for the first time in more than 30 years to conduct an exhibition (rain or shine).

Expected are Sam Cole, H1 Unlimited Chairman, Captain Rondal Perry, Division Chief, Air National Guard Recruiting Marketing and Resources.

The Air National Guard Hydroplane drivers/teams include:

Scotty Liddycoat - 7

Jeff Bernard - 5 Graham Trucking

J. Michael Kelly - 88 Degree Men

Steve David - 1 Oh Boy! Oberto

Click on links to view exciting race footage:

Event takes place at the National Harbor Marina Pier, 163 Waterfront Street, National Harbor, Md. 20745.