Training Camp Continues: But Where Are the Fans, Though?

Redskins training camp has been open to fans since July 29th. But where are the fans? Each day less and less fans show up at the Park to watch the Redskins practice.

In days of old, last year even, thousands of fans braved the hot, sweltering heat to watch their favorite player practice.

Devin Thomas signs autographs for the fans. Photo/CD Brown.

Not this year.

Less fan participation this year, 2011. Photo/CD Brown.

This year the Park is deserted.

Never seen before in the history of the Redskins franchise: No fans during training camp. Photo/CD Brown.

We're not sure why (but we're gonna ask). We definitely know it's not the heat that's keeping fans away. In near 100 degree heat, we saw legions of fans last year, and the year before that, everywhere at Redskins Park.

Maybe the expression 'favorite player' is the key. Not many recognizable names left. Shanahan has cut, or released, at least 22 of the Redskin players fans have come to love. As you saw in the Rex Grossman video, even his teammate said he was trying to get through all the new faces.

New faces, that the Shanahan era hopes will build a winning franchise with new acquistions.

Still, the team has guys fans will recognize: Cooley, Cabers, Davis, Doughty, Fletcher, Golston, Hall, Horton, Moss, and so on.

Those players should be enough to bring the fans out. Right?

Just a Few More Chances Left To See Players Practice
Fans have a few more chances to see their team in action during this year's training camp. The Redskins will hold their annual Fan Appreciation Day this Saturday, August 6th, and their first preseason game the week after on August 12th against - the Pittsburg Steelers. Early morning (8:30 am) practices remain open to the public until August 15th.

After that, you'll have to wait until the start of the regular season.

So, come on out to the practices. (You know you're still a loyal fan, and besides, it's almost drama free this year).