Let's Move! Goes To South Africa!

The First Lady continues her exercise regime, and her Let's Move! message, while in South Africa. This time she includes one of the world's most beloved diplomatic figures, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The First Lady Michelle Obama, at a youth soccer camp,
does pushups with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

In her remarks to the youth during a soccer event at Cape Town Stadium in Cape Town South Africa, the First Lady said, "But I want to just make sure that we acknowledge all of the organizations who are responsible for supporting and educating and inspiring these young people, because in order to be a VSP (Very Special Person, how Tutu described the First Lady), you’ve got to be, what?, a VHP, a Very Healthy Person, right? Which means you’ve got to have the knowledge and the internal wisdom to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and that you’re making good choices so that you’re healthy and you grow up strong, because it’s hard to have an impact if you’re not in the best condition possible".

Video: First Lady at Cape Town youth soccer camp.

Video: The First Lady talks about her experience while in South Africa, including her Let's Move! initiative, and having "more time" to continue its work.


***Update *** June 26, 2011

The First Lady always said eating healthy doesn't mean you can't have the things you like from time to time. She has proven that well, here.

On the final day of her South African visit, the First Lady and family members, did in fact, indulge in what we're sure they'd call some tasty vittles.

Here's a readout of the pool report...

FLOTUS Pool #1 June 25, 2011, Garobone, Botswana --
FLOTUS and family attended an embassy meet and greet Saturday morning at the Ambassador's residence here. Her host was newly minted Ambassador Michelle Gavin, who took up the post last week.The residence was surrounded by electric fence and large white walls. Motorcade was greeted by this country's soldiers, dressed in fatigues, carrying automatic weapons. Pool held in a van outside the residence. Meeting lasted about half an hour.It is a bright crisp day.

The meet and greet was followed by a family lunch in the village of Mochudi, northeast of Gaborone. The restaurant, Borakanelo, is a favorite with locals, who stood in lines along the road outside the small cafeteria-style haunt. A few meters away un-fenced cows roamed.

FLOTUS ordered six to-go plates of chicken, chips (aka fries) and a traditional bread. No veggies in sight.