BCS Champs Auburn Visit White House

President Obama welcomes Auburn to the White House. Cam Newton, right of Obama, smiling in the background. Photo CD Brown.

President Obama congratulated the 2010 Auburn BCS championship football team today at the White House.

The team came from behind to defeat Oregon, 22-19, in the national title game.

On the championship caliber season that saw its share of ups and downs the president said, "It wasn't always an easy road."

"This team played one of the toughest schedules in all of college football last year. In nine games, they came from behind to win - including after being down 24-0 on the road to Alabama. That was an unbelievable game. I watched that game. I'm busy, but I watched that game. That was unbelievable."

Sports page lauds Auburn as national champions. Photo/CD Brown.

The team's initial visit to the White House scheduled for April of this year was delayed due to hurricanes that devastated Alabama along with most of the South.

Said the team's coach Gene Chizik, "What an honor and a privilege obviously it is for the whole Auburn family to be able to stand here in the White House today and really embrace this moment. And this is not just a great championship team -- it's got great, great character, it's got great kids, and they care about communities.

The team spent time with local students before coming to the White House.

Also on the occasion was former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, an Auburn alum, who made his return with his son Ethan in tow. Ethan got his picture taken with the team wearing the helmet given to President Obama. Having a bit of trouble making the fit, Obama said, "he needs a bigger helmet."

Watch the vid.