Playoff Bound. Choice Words Abound.

It's near NBA Playoff time, and you know what that means. Tempers will be flaring, and names (not always good ones) will be called.

Case in point. Take a listen in as Kobe Bean Bryant uses some choice wording to describe ref Bernie Adams after he assessed Bryant with a technical foul.

Bryant vehemently disapproved.

The League disapproves of the language and has fined Bryant $100,000.

I guess here's another story that will be presented in various ways by the media who like to discuss the Black athlete.


Twitter response: Here's a response on Twitter by a Laker fan (obviously): Who cares that KB24 called the ref a faggot? Most of them are anyway.

Oddly Enough: Friday is the National Day of Silence, during which thousands of students across the country vow to stop using homophobic slurs.

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