Are You Serious? Moving Company Sues Arenas.

Today seems to be 'I'm going to sue you' day in DC sports.

We told you first about Dan Snyder suing a local paper for what he deems as conduct unbecoming of journalistic integrity (we just made up that phrase). Now it seems a local moving company wants to sue former Wizard turned (you'd-better-play-your-butt off-tonight-in-the-Playoffs-if-you-wanna-stay-in-it) Orlando Magic, Gilbert Arenas and the mother of his children, Lauren Govan.

The two have lived out their on again, off again lives on stage for several years. After Arenas moved to Orlando, apparently he never paid the moving company that got his belongings there.

According to this report, Arenas owes $26,000 in expenses.

JK Moving maintains that it “... packed and moved all of the household goods required by the Arenas contract and otherwise fully and satisfactorily performed all terms and conditions of the Arenas Contract", while Arenas is claiming theft of his personal property.