Amid "Fluke Injuries" Redskins Look To Cut Portis


Portis speaks on sports radio.

Clinton on being released: "No hard feelings", saying the decision to part ways with the Redskins was "a mutual decision".

Portis: "Maybe it’s best, and time to move on."

Listen to the full interview here.


Sources are reporting that the Washington Redskins plan to cut veteran running back Clinton Portis, as early as this week.

Portis, plagued with injuries last year: groin, concussion, said he has a lot left in the ole football tank,
"I know I got good football left in me," Portis told reporters on Wednesday. "I think being fresh, having been really in the last two years not having a lot of contact, I think the two injuries -- going out with a concussion, and then the torn groin -- was really fluke injuries. I don't think that's a wear and tear, like, 'Oh his body broke down.' I think that was just fluke injuries." (huh?)
but coach Mike Shanahan and the Redskins management apparently don't think the same.

Portis, who is owed $8.3M from the organization, spent seven of his nine NFL years with the Redskins. Injury plagued, he played just five games last season, rushing for just 227 yards and two touchdowns last season.

Upon Shanahan's coming to the Redskins at the start of last season, Portis had fond things to say of his former Denver coach:
"I think having Coach Shanahan here, you just believe in whatever he says. If he tells you, ‘I think we can jump off the roof and land safely,’ it’s like ‘Alright, let’s jump.’ You buy into it. He’s a proven coach and a proven leader. I think he gets the best out of the guys. He’ll approach you like a man and tell you what he wants from you, and you get it done.”
We wonder what he thinks right now.

Shanahan made the 'unofficial' comment while at the NFL's Scouting Combine where apparently he talked about his decision to release #26, and his need for another pass-rushing linebacker.

"It's a priority for the club", said Shanahan.

What also remains a priority for the club, is who will start as the team's official quarterback.

After demoting last year's franchise QB, Dononvan McNabb, to third-string QB, everyone is wondering if Shanahan will give McNabb a second chance next season.

Clearly, who will guide the ship remains to be seen. The decision could come sometime after the draft, or even before.

“If I had to guess, I would say we’ll take care of it right after the draft, but it could be before”, Shanahan told reporters.


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Portis rushed for over 1,500 yards in each of his first two seasons with the Denver Broncos, averaging 5.5 yards per carry in that span. The latter is an NFL record for a running back's first two seasons. On December 12, 2002, Portis became the youngest player (21 years, 105 days) to score 4 touchdowns in a game in a 31-24 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The very next season on December 7, 2003, Portis became the youngest player (22 years, 97 days) to score 5 touchdowns in a game.

With the Redskins, beginning in '06, Portis broke the Redskins' franchise record for the most rushing yards in a season with 1,516 yards and tied the most 100+ yard games in a season (5). He ended the 2006 Philly Eagles game with 112 rushing yards.

By rushing for 1,516 yards, he became only the third runner in league history to reach 1,500 yards in three of his first four seasons.