Photos and Results From UWC's Judgement Day 8!

For MMA fans, you missed a good show out at the Patriot Center last night.

John Dodson (left) vs. Jesse Riggleman. Photo CD Brown

John “The Magician” Dodson (13-4), 124 pounds, defeated Jesse “The Mountain Man” Riggleman (9-1), 125 pounds, by unanimous decision in a fight that was so good; all three judges scored the fight 30-27.

Talk about fighters made for this sport.

Both fighters fought with intensity, matching the other's talent pound-for-pound. With high flying kicks, continuous strikes, and scrappy movements throughout, this fight was a crowd pleaser, and was voted the best on the evening. Said Dodson of his opponent, after the fight, "Jesse is a tough guy". Both fighters sustained injuries eye injuries, but it was Dodson doing the most damage giving Riggleman a bloody nose, and finding Riggleman leaving the cage bleeding from the mouth. (Bout photos here)

Jason “Fearless” Frank (4-0), 217 pounds, defeated Chicago's Carlos Horn (1-2), 265 pounds, in his amateur MMA bout that took only 24 seconds of the first round to complete. Horn, in his only worth while effort, managed to throw Frank to the canvas, but was no match for the actor-turned-MMA fighter as Frank won the bout using the Armbar technique.

"He's a good fighter", said Horn. People think that because he's been in Hollywood acting and away for three years, that he's not a good fighter. But he is."

Horn says he needs to improve on his ground work as he prepares for his next fight (TBD).

Frank has an action film out called The One Warrior. He is best known for his role in the Power Rangers.

Ron “The Choir Boy” Stallings defeating Joey Kirwan (5-4) 186 pounds, 52 seconds into the second round via Tapout (choke). After initially looking like the bout would have a different outcome, Ron credited his trainer, Master Lloyd Irvin , with telling him to "stay calm", and to "continue with the game plan". Both, pieces of advice that worked well for the fighter with now nine wins and three loses to his credit.

The much anticipated Main Event between Mike "The Hulk" Easton and Ryan “Lion” Diaz was cancelled due to an infection Diaz sustained while traveling to Thailand. He was diagnosed with parotitis, an infection that blocks the salivary glands causing swelling and pain. Easton told us Diaz's face was severely swollen. Although Easton's camp (Team Irvin) was dissapointed the bout did not occur, and wishes the speedy recovery of Diaz, Easton continues to train hard for whoever his next opponent might be.

Easton lost over 15 pounds (down from 150) - within one week - in preparation for his fight with Diaz to get down to the required 135 pounds.

In the bout that we're calling 'Bring The Pain', Timothy 'The Good Soldier' Woods (6-2) 184 pounds, 6-2, defeated Mike 'El Verdugo/Crazy' Seal (14-11) 185 pounds, 14-11. Seal controlled the fight early on, and may have possibly won the match, had he not provided the fuel for Woods' massive, vengeful attack plan. After Seal hit Woods with a groin strike, delaying the match for over four minutes while Woods recovered, Woods came back with a furvor - striking, dominating, turning the tide of the fight in his favor, punishing Seal with a Naked Choke 3:32 into the second round, proving in fact, that he is not only the 'good soldier' - but the better soldier.

Said Woods after fight, "He [Seal] got what he deserved." (Photos here)

Other fights on the night saw Dustin “The Disciple” Pague (7-4) 144 pounds, defeat Justin “The Butcher” Hickey (3-2) 145 pounds, :54 1 RD (TKO).

“Vicious” Valerie Coolbaugh (4-5) 121 pounds, defeated hometown favorite, Iman “The Predator” Achhal (2-1) 120 pounds, with a Split Decision. The judges closely called the fight 28-29, 29-28, 29-28. Coolbaugh, after the win, said she loves Virginia, calling it "the best state". She has another fight coming up in two weeks in Fort Wayne Indiana. (Photos here).

Ururahy “The Show” Rodrigues (6-2) 155 pounds, defeated Diego “Ceara” Brandoa (10-6) 154 pounds, by Unanimous Dec, another fight that was close to score by the judges. In the end all three scored the fight, 30-27. Telling the crowd he's "not a joke". True that.

Scott Heckman (2-0) 145 pounds, defeated Matt Brannon (0-1) pounds, 1:36 of the second round via Tapout/Anaconda Choke.

Jeremy Carper (2-1) 154 pounds, defeated Caleb Macalister (0-1) 155 pounds, 3:00 of round two also via Tapout/Armbar.

Special celebrity guests included former UWC middleweight Kris “Savage” McCray and teammate Jamie Yager from The Ultimate Fighter (T.U.F.) season 11; WEC’s Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia.

Also attending the Judgment Day event were Washington Redskins teammates Chris Wilson, Kendric Goldston, and Lorenzo Alexander (their first MMA event). The trio chatted with us a bit where we found ourselves asking about their teammate, Santana Moss. They were kind enough to comment, but couldn't provide much, telling us they knew little of the Santana Moss incident, and haven't "seen him to talk to him about it". (Interesting, isn't it?)

This was the UWC’s sixth professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) show staged at the Patriot Center on the campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. While attendance was slightly down this time out (3,822), previous UWC shows have bought as many as 5,200 to the Center. Promoter for UWC's fights, Omar Olumee said it best when he told us, "I wish there were more people."

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Worth Mentioning
The evening couldn't have been more animated without the evening's announcer, Elliott Wilborn.