Michael Oher Does The Red Carpet

Red Carpet Favorite At White House Correspondents Dinner

Quinton Aaron played Michael Oher in the movie The Blind Side. Photo/ CD Brown.

Okay, so it's not the real Michael Oher, but you can add Quinton Aaron to the list of celebs (and more) who came out at this past Saturday's White House Correspondents Dinner.

Aaron was the media's darling, as each outlet eagerly tried to grab the actor who played the real life of Ravens rookie offensive tackle Michael Oher.

Aaron worked the media circuit for about 25 minutes giving interviews and posing for photos. Our picture shows him giving an interview with Inside Edition.

(Some think he's the real Michael Oher).

Oher shared his story of being a homeless kid to making it to the NFL in the 2009 biograhical movie The Blind Side.

Oher is expected to complete his first memoir, due out later this year.

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