NBA Playoffs: Former Wizards Advance

I posed this question before, but after seeing last night's NBA playoffs, where teams that have former Wizards players, the question bares asking, yet again.

Why is it that whenever an athlete leaves Washington, they do better elsewhere?

Did you see Antawn Jamison score his three-point shot in the waning seconds of last night game between Cleveland and Chicago? Jamison had 35 points total, and a chance to advance in the next round of the NBA Playoffs.

Something he's not done in Washington, ever.

Caron Butler, traded to the Dallas Mavericks, scored 35 points and pulled down 11 rebounds and had 3 steals, leading Dallas to a 103-81 win after the team struggled in the series, 3-1. (Video)

Even former Wizard, Etan Thomas, now with the Oklahoma City Thunder managed to get a team playing in the Playoffs. The Thunder lost 111-87 last night to the Lakers.

Three former Wizards players, out of Washington, and into the Playoffs.

The NBA. Where Amazing(Still) Happens.


Ted Leonsis gets closer to owning the Wizards. Let's just make it official. Ted Leonsis is the new owner of the Washington Waizards, and Verizon Center. Who else would the Pollin family trust with their babies?

In a statement issued yesterday, Robert Pollin said the following: "We join our mother Irene, the sole principal owner of the franchise today, in congratulating Ted Leonsis and his Lincoln Holdings partners on reaching this near-final step in a long negotiation. All three of us look forward to them enjoying many years of success on the court and in the community with this wonderful franchise."

Now, the only question is... How can I get a piece of the pie? Taking the company (Lincoln Holdings) public, and allowing fans and friends to purchase shares seems like a viable option to me.