Monday In Sports.

When The Presidential Pitch Goes Wrong. Extremely Wrong.

The President's pitch still isn't right. This year it was high, and off the mark.

"This is heartbreaking, right here," Obama moaned.

C'mon Mr. President. Haven't you practiced since last year? And don't you know you can't wear that Red Sox hat to a Washington Nationals game when you're throwing out the first pitch?

Where is the loyalty? Where is the dignity?

You've got to leave your love for your old town sports teams (at least keep it on the DL) when you're supposed to be representing the home town. Which is now Washington, Mr. President.

At least he wore a Nationals jacket.

At least he ditched the 'Daddy jeans' this year and opted for the more khacki-style pant.

President Obama is the 13th president to throw the ceremonial first pitch before a Washington baseball team game opener, and it wasn't just his pitch that went awry.

The Nationals' season opener didn't fare any better as the team fell to the Phillies 11-1.

Not a great way to start the season.