Washington Area Athletes Rally To Help Haiti

We told you last week that Redskins owner Dan Snyder donated his plane for Haiti relief efforts.

This week, Ken Harvey and twelve others flew down to Haiti to lend their support.

"It's hard to describe the smell," said Harvey.

"It's a unique smell. You can smell it coming. It's death. It's bodies decaying. You want to put on your mask, but then you feel guilty because you realize that there are people that are going to have to deal with this all every day. They can't just put on a mask and pretend it doesn't exist. Even if I wanted to turn away, I can't turn away. I'm only here for a short time. But this is their life.

"You walk by, and you see a body. Well, they see one of their relatives. That smell is a reminder of everything that's happened."

Harvey is among several athletes stepping up to the plate to aid in the relief efforts. The Washington Mystics will also do their part this week at the Verizon Center by holding a donation drive. Click here for more info.

Our continuing coverage and news of the Haiti relief efforts in our area.
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