A Win's A Win. Right?

No Matter How Low The Score.

It wasn't pretty. It wasn't sexy. To some, it was down right frustrating.

Even though the skins won over the Rams in the season home opener, 9-7*, it just wasn't something one could be overly proud of.

To win over a team that is supposed to be one of the worse in the NFL franchise right now, many expected the score to have been much higher.

As one fan said after leaving the game, "If this is the best we could do against a team like the Rams, we're in trouble."

Fans know it. Even the players know it.

"You really can’t take pride in the win", said Skins CB DeAngelo Hall.

Dropped balls in the end zone, missed catches. Five opportunities in Ram territory, not converted to touchdowns. Instead, the Skins punt for points - three times - and the kicker wins the game.

"We're fortunate. We got a kicker (Suisham) making plays, and we need every point we can get right now", said Zorn.

Suisham connected on 21, 28 and 23 yards to put points on the scoreboard.

But why no touchdown points?

"I have to come up with the right play and put our guys in the right position", said Zorn.

In the right position was wide receiver, Antwaan Randle El who caught a 24 yard first-down pass from Campbell to start the third quarter on a good note.

Commenting on the day's win, the veteran wide receiver said, "We got the 'W'. We can concentrate tomorrow on what's wrong."

Zorn agrees.

"We’re going to celebrate the victory, we’re going to celebrate what we did well and then we will get back to work. The thing I know about our team, including our coaching staff, is that we will find a way, and we will get better again next week.”

In the meantime fans are growing restless. "We need a new coach, a new quarterback, a new owner, and we need to change the name, said one fan as he was leaving FedEx Field."

We've heard these sentiments from fans before. But the players contend that "it's hard to get a win in the NFL." (NFL winners).

Rams' head coach, Steve Spagnuolo, while stating his own team "has some work to do", credits the Skins for playing hard.

"They played aggressively, that's what they did. They made aggressive calls. Both teams made good plays, but it always comes down to the defense, said Spagnuolo.

Certainly Chris Horton deflecting a Rams pass in the fourth quarter, helping to stave off another Ram touch down with just seconds to go in the game, is a defensive play worth mentioning.

The Skins proved they have the talent, and they know how to put in the work.

If they want to be contenders in the NFC East, they're definitely going to have to score more than nine points a game (other NFL teams are not the Rams), find some way to run those twenty yards (or less) in for a touchdown, and not be content giving away six points for three point punting plays.

The fans deserve at least that much.


Skins Injury Report
RG Randy Thomas out with a sprained right tricep.

QB Jason Campbell sustained an ankle sprain in the second quarter. Taking one for the home team, Campbell continued to play in the game.

Up Next
The Skins take on the Lions in Detroit next Sunday at 1 pm.

NFL Notes
Skins not the only low scorer. Denver defeated Cleveland 27-6.

*Interesting to note: The Rams defeated the Skins last year by two points, 19-17, their first win of the season. The Skins beat the Rams by two points today, 9-7, their first win of the season.