Jimmy Lange Does It Again!

Great Falls, VA super welterweight Jimmy Lange continues to lend credence to his resume as one of the DC area's premiere boxers.

He shut down Jonathan Reid in the 9th round of a twelve round match last night at Fairfax Virginia's Patriot Center.

Lange also landed a punch to Reid in the fourth round, knocking Reid to the canvas.

Reid, to his credit, and not one to give up, continued. But into the 9th round, Reid (34-12, 19 KOs) apparently didn't want to continue the fight, and refused to come out of his corner at the end of the 9th round. (No mas! No mas!)

The win gives Lange a record of 31-3-2, 21 KOs.

Photos here.

[Other bouts on the evening:]

DeMarcus Corley (36-11-1, 20 KOs) wins by unamimous decision over Harrison Cuello(18-12, 14 KOs)in the 8 round, lightweight co-main event. This was Corley's first appearance in the ring in over two years. Judges scored: (80-71, 79-72 & 78-73).

In the female fight on the evening, Jennifer Salinas (11-1, 3 KOs) won a split decision over Caitlin Dance (2-6, 1 KO) in a 6 round featherweight match.
Judges score: (58-56 Salinas, 58-56 Dance & 57-56 Salinas).

**Tony 'Mo Better' Jeter (8-2, 7 KOs) won an explosive knockout over Keith Gross (3-2, 1 KO)in a 6 rounds middleweight, 1:22 of the first round.

**Alexander Johnson (7-0, 3 KOs) wins by Unan. Dec. over Francois Ambang (2-4)in a 4 round, light heavyweight match up. Judges scoring: (39-37, 39-37 & 40-36).

**Bayan Jargal (13-0-2, 9 KOs) a heavy favorite going into the match, draws with Richard Hall (10-21-3, 10 KOs) in a 6 six round lightweight contest. The judges scored (58-56 Jargal, 58-56 Hall & 57-57).

**Dwayne Shelton (2-1-1) draws with Kendrick Walker (2-2-2, 1 KO) in a 4 round welterweight bout. Judges scored (39-37 Walker, 39-37, and Shelton & 38-38).

**Barry Trotter (2-0) wins by Unan. Dec. over Tracy Brewer (3-1, 1 KO) in a
4 rounds, middleweight contest. Judges scored Trotter (40-35, 40-35, 38-37).

[Photos: W. Barron for DC UrbanSports].