Redskins Get Win Number Two!

Campbell Injury Sees Him Missing Upcoming Dallas Game.

The Redskins defeated the Arizona Cardinals Sunday at FedEx field, 24-17, securing a 2-1 record in the Eastern Conference.

Clinton Portis' three-yard TD in the 1st quarter set the momentum for the game, and the fans on fire.

Fourth Quarter Madness

A personal foul (unneccessary roughness) from Stephon Heyer caused, #11, Devin Thomas' TD to be called back, but Carlos Rogers' interception from Cardinal's Kurt Warner with 12 minutes in the fourth, and a Santana Moss 42 yard return, deep into Cardinals territory, more than made up for the blunder.

Moss ties the Skins' franchise record for TD receptions with former Skins, Bobby Mitchell in 1964.

Chris Cooley also saw a TD off an 11-yard pickup off a pass from Antwaan Randle El who later, had this to say...

"This was a huge win. I think that if we continue winning, we will look back and say that this was when we became a good team."

Cornelius Griffin credits coach Zorn for "always having new ideas and for calling the the plays that work."

The Skins, 2-1, face the Dallas Cowboys (2-0) this Sunday at the newly built Cowboys Stadium.

Photos: (Top) #82, Randle-El runs past a Cardinals' defender, while Devin Thomas (bottom) gets the TD that would later be recalled.


Dan said…
Dallas here we come! Woo-hooo!
Anonymous said…
We taking Dallas too!