Athlete Defends His Local Eatery

Eating Out In Sportsman-like Fashion More Than You Bargained For?

I'll admit I occasionally peep a certain local blog site to get the latest goings-on in DC area night life.

So, of course, if there's a mentioning of sports (which there usually is), or sports figures on the site, my antennae are more than likely headed in an upward position. (Hey, we're a sports blog, for goodness sake.)

That was the case when I read about athlete-turned-restaurant owner, LeVar Arrington, defending his establishment's footwear policy at his 'sports bar' called The SideLine.

Let me say, in all fairness, that I've not eaten at the year-old establishment, so I can't provide an opinion either way.

But, here's the this and that that piqued my interest. (I wonder if Zagat receives such feedback of its critiques).

Granted, it's old news, but with the NFL season upcoming, why not?

Here's an additional take on the subject matter here, if you're so inclined.

And another.

Update: New info suggests Arrington to open another sports bar.

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