Monday In Sports!

Monday In Sports In The DMV!

- Mystics win 69-64 over the Connecticut Sun. Early fourteen point lead squandered to 5 for a win. Alana Beard hit a long-range jumper to seal the victory. Guard Nikki Blue was the team's leading scorer with 13 points, followed by Taj McWilliams-Franklin's 11 points on the day. See game highlights.

- Roger Mason, Jr. leaves Wizards for San Antonio.

- Allen Iverson Has Annual Celeb Classic. (Peep last year's game).

- DC boxer, Tony 'The Tiger' Thompson, Loses in Germany.

- Agent Zero to Hero Invitational ends.

Not getting out much to cover events these days. Gas and metro prices, and a car in the shop have gotten me down!

(Anyone wanna make a donation, or lend me their Range Rover and a gas card for a while?)