The NBA Playoffs: Where Anything Is Possible!

Boston Beats LA in NBA Finals.

"Anything is Possible!"

Those are the words of Kevin Garnett after he and his Boston Celtics won the NBA Finals, 131-92, over the LA Lakers.

After an early 20 point blowout in the first half, didn't you wonder if the Lakers would do the Celtics version of a comeback and end up defeating the Celtics in the 4th quarter to bring a game 7?

Anything is possible, right?

Of course, that didn't happen.

The Celtics weren't having it. And they proved to be the better team, with the better players, with the better coach.

Congrats Doc. Congrats KG. Congrats P. Pierce. Congrats Boston Celtics!

I still think KG should have shared MVP honors with Paul Pierce. KG is just phenomenal each time out and should have been recognized for his consistent efforts.

But hey, they know, they know; and all I do is blog about the 'possibility'.

Doc Rivers, Celtics Coach, after the Gatorade bath, poses in front of pic of Red Auerbach.

Doc becomes the 2nd African American head coach to win a title since KC Jones.

It would be 22 years in the making, but the Celtics get another title.


(Photos: NBA)


hen said…
well, he did get a ring, and his likeness on wheaties box. so KG is doin' just fine right now.

just fine.