LeBron Shows Wizards What 'OverRated' Really Means

Coming off DeShawn Stevenson's comments that James was "overrated", the Cavalier's 6'8, 250 lb forward did work in the fourth quarter on the Washington Wizards, and proved once again what an overrated player looks like as LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers defeat Washington, 93-86, in game one of the Eastern conference playoffs.

Here's our quarter-by-quarter analysis and highlights.

First quarter.

Amid some hard fouls, blocked shots, and keeping LeBron scoreless (not even a foul shot was made by King James) the Wizards lead in 1st quarter 24-19. Gil hits a 30 footer from behind the three point line with less than 10 seconds left.

He hit 3 three-pointers in just 5 minutes of play in the first half. “I’m an assassin”, said Arenas in his blog.

He would hit another 3-pointer at the end of the 1st quarter to give Washington a 30-19 lead.

Second Quarter.

It would be 7:43 into the 2nd quarter before LeBron would make a field goal.

Two points from Wally Czszerbiak, and a converted foul shot by the player, helped bring the Cavs within four points as they started to make a come back, 34-30.

A tussle ensued as result of an illegal pick by Brendon Haywood with 1.3 left. Technical fouls were called on Lebron, Antawn Jamison, and Haywood.

At the end of the half the game was tied 46-46.

Third quarter.

A Caron Butler steal gave Washington a 54-53 lead.

Fourth quarter.

Cavs, 73-71 with 9:04 left in 4th. LeBron James had 24 points. Gil, with 18 points, tied the game at 73 with a free throw.

Jamison made two free throws that brought Washington within two, but DeLonte West hit a three pointer, giving Cleveland an 80-75 lead.

Game over.

Cleveland continued their fourth quarter hustle and in the final analysis,
Cleveland wins game one, 93-86.

Fini. Done.

LeBron James had 32 points, 6 rebs as Cleveland fans watch the Wizards hang their hands as they exit off the court and head for the locker room.

Gil had 24 points, 3 assists, played 28 minutes, and fouled out in the fourth quarter.

“It’s still only game one", said Arenas about the lost to Cleveland. “It’s like a boxing match, you gotta feel your opponent out.”

Note to our beloved Wizards:

Please feel ‘em out, box ‘em out, and what eva you gotta do to keep ‘em out!

Game Notes:

Antawn Jamison wins Player of the Game honors with 24 points.

Game 2 of the Wizards/Cavaliers rivarly continues Monday, April 21st in Cleveland at 7pm.

Video Highlights

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Anonymous said…
Stamina needed in 4th quarter
Anonymous said…
I knew they would get into a fight, the way they were throwing LeBron around in the first quarter. It was just a matter of seeing if LeBron would remain cool and collected, showing his King status, or if he would eventually react to the Wizard's ill-treatment.

James reacted.