Just Two Days To Go!

DC UrbanSports told you about this weekend's caged Ultimate Warrior Challenge MMA event back in March of this year.

With just two days to go, this highly anticipated event scheduled for Saturday, April 26th at GMU's Patriot Center, will feature a few of our area's local MMA fighters that include:

Ron Stallins (5-1-1) of Temple Hills, MD vs Rashad Woods (3-10) of Reston, VA
Tenyah Dixon (2-2-0) of Baltimore, MD vs Marcus Foran* (4-2-0)
Mike Easton (4-1-0) of Clinton, MD vs Gerald Lovato (5-3-0), and
Aaron Riley (23-10-1) of Fairfax, VA vs Thiago "The Soldier" Minu (8-20-0)

Another dynamic that makes this event so unique is that a few of the event's fighters train at The Lloyd Irvin MMA Training Facility in Camp Springs, Maryland. (Mike Easton, also featured on BET's Iron Ring, is one such fighter).

Irvin is a world renowned martial arts coach, competitor and martial arts expert. He is a multiple time National Judo Champion, a Multiple Time National Sombo Champion.

You can read more about Irvin here.

The UWC MMA festivities begin at 7pm Saturday night. Doors open at 6pm. Fight weigh-in will take place the day before, on Friday, at 4pm at the Hyatt Fairlakes Hotel in Fairfax, VA.

For a preview, play the below video. **Caution** Not for the faint of heart.


Note: *Fighter, Marcus Foran is the brother of Marcello Foran, Founder/CEO of Ultimate Warrior Sports Development, LLC.

Visit www.uwcmma.com.