MMA- UWC Cage Fighting Comes To DC!

UWC Invasion

Pro MMA-Cage Fighting comes to the Nation's Capital Saturday April 26th at the George Mason University Patriot Center.

The event will feature Pete 'The Secret Weapon' Spratt (19-11-0) vs Jason 'Live Wire' Von Flue (12-0-1).

Special guests include Andrei Arlovsi, Frank Trigg, John Lewis, and S. Marcello Foran.

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Anonymous said…
Does this replace the MMAC 2008event? Or are they working together. That fight at the Armory last year was all that!
DC UrbanSports said…
Not sure if it's the same, with a different venue. Will need to check into. The UWC website shows different fighters. Don't know if that's an indication, or not.

Good question, however.
DC UrbanSports said…
Not affiliated with
DC UrbanSports said…
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