Wizards Defeat Cavs 108-72. Could it get any better than this?!

Oh My Goodness!

Wizards defeated Cleveland 108-72 at home at the Verizon Center.

And guess what?

The Wizards won without Gilbert Arenas.

Rumors and conversations had been circulating for some time now as to whether the Wizards are a better ball club without Gil in the lineup.

Even Coach Jordan, in a post game interview last night said, "We can be a good ball club without Gil."

Don't take that statement entirely the wrong way. He just meant the team can still be a force even without their star player.

And a force they were. Even naysayers are both surprised and elated.

DeShawn Stevenson, who had been beat up on sports blogs all week for his LBJ comment, scored 19 points, while Roger Mason, Jr. scored 18.

Amazingly, all the play makers in the Wizards lineup scored in double figures starting with Caron Butler.

Caron, who left little doubt for those asking if he had enough juice by getting his moniker 'Touch Juice' etched in his hair, had 17 points.

Teammates Antawn Jamison scored 15 points, and Brendan Haywood (ejected from Game 2 in Cleveland) made up for that mistake by scoring 14 on the night.

Awesome at home, the Wizards get to flaunt their stuff Sunday when they face the Cavs for Game 4. Game time, 1 pm.

Houston, I think we have a series.

Congrats Wizards on a great team effort!


Game Notes

The win doesn't come without some heartache. Gil, who started in Game 3, sustained a bruised bone in his left knee, and did not return to play. (Feel better soon, Gil).

Game hightlight video.

Seen at the game: Colin Powell?! CP loves the Wizards!

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