Monday In Sports: Madness and Mayhem

College Hoops’ Madness

Duke Gets Dissed. Loses To WVU Underdogs!

George Mason Loses To Notre D. Better Days Seen.

Maryland (Lady) Terps Top Coppin State in Tournament Opener

Mo’ Sports

Gil Arenas Anxious, But No Go

He’s A Baaadd Man!

Maryland boxer, Seth 'Mayhem' Mitchell, continues his winning ways with a win over Alvaro Morales in Cabazon, CA over the weekend. Congrats to Seth! DC boxing fans applaud your efforts!

College Hoops Has Madness. Boxing Has 'Mayhem'. Learn more.

Photo: Boxer's Website

In other boxing news: Local boxers preparing for April 12th card in Richmond, VA!


Anonymous said…
Seth is an amazing talent. Can't wait to seewhat's next for him.
Anonymous said…
Gil should just face reality that he needs the season off to heal and get better.
Anonymous said…
That Richmond card looks to be good.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, just hope it goes off without a hitch. Boxing is so unpredictable.