Monday In Sports

At The Park: Carmen Electra (l) and Kim Kardashian attend Caron Butler's birthday bash.

Thanks to our trusted friend for sending pics. But 20Gs on each arm? C'mon now. There's plenty of fab celebs right here in the DMV, who would have gladly shown up for free. (Pretense excluded.) Nice pics, though.

Actress Tamala Jones with Kim Kardashian | Caron's Birthday Cake

(Also in attendance: Wizards, some 'Skins, former 'Skins (LeVar Arrington!), Ray Lewis, DJ Biz Markie, and a lot of birthday well-wishers, and 'fans'!) Click here for more March birthdays in sports.

In the National Professional Basketball League (NPBL) the Maryland BayRaiders continue their winning ways with a 133-123 win over the Elmira Bulldogs. Not even the Bulldogs' David Ruffin's 48 points could clinch a win over the BayRaiders, despite the close scoring in the first half.

Ruffin, impressive with his collage of power moves, three-pointers, and continuous in-the-paint scoring was virtually unstoppable.

MacKenzie Clark added 23 points for the Bulldogs. The team is now 0-3.

The National Anthem was performed by DC's own up and coming songstress, Gina Rose. (Remember that name!)

The BayRaiders are 2-0 on the season which began March 8th. The next came is at home against the Hudson Valley Hawks who are currently 1-3.