Infamous Girl Boxer Having A Baby!

Laila Ali, daughter of The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, is newly wed and having a baby.

she shows off her wedding pictures for all her fans to see, and has this to say about her new life!

"I am excited to announce that I am pregnant with my first child! My husband Curtis and I can hardly wait until this September when our child is due. The pregnancy has been going very well and I am doing everything I can to make sure we have a healthy child."

Is this marriage No. 2? Regardless, we certainly wish her well!

Thanks, Laila, for sending the wedding pics! (p.s. Don't forget to update your MS page with the new info!)

p.p.s. Now, she should have been a guest at the birthday bash, too!

Here's Laila vs Christy Martin in 2006


Anonymous said…
Congrats Laila! Great photos. You're distinctly beautiful.

Great video of match.
Anonymous said…
Dayum! She did work on that girl! I still don't see how she was standing even before round 4.

That Martin girl is just as tough!
Anonymous said…
Awesome fight. I hope being a mom doesn't slow her roll.